This site was primarily started to provide secure access for the Models and Artists so they could download and access their photos.  All Models can determine if their photos will be available only to them, open to the full public or just about anywhere in between.  The Model or Artist can also make their photos available for sale through their gallery and link to other sites as well.


As mentioned on the Home Page,  I love nature and natures beauty.  To me one of the most beautiful things in nature is the human body.  Add to that the individual personality, and variety of shape, size, proportion, color and everything else.  Mix in the beauty and energy of the location and the moment, something amazing is always going to happen.  I am simply lucky enough to capture that moment in time for others to experience.

Having said that, I am always looking for open minded people to collaborate with.  If you model, or have thought about modeling, I would love to talk with you.  If you have never done a photo shoot you will be pleasantly surprised at not only how much work it really is, but how much fun you can have doing it.


There is definitely money to be made as a Model or Artist (hair and makeup, wardrobe, photographers assistant, post production touch up and the list goes on).  While we do pay on occasion (negotiable based on the shoot), most of the shoots are "Time For Pictures":  We never have enough pictures and sets for our portfolios.  And as mentioned, we can collaborate to make some or all of your stock available for purchase directly though this site or other options.  The more pictures and content is out there, the more likely someone will want to pay you, either by purchasing your content or requesting a specific type of set or hiring you for other shoots.  The imagination is the only limit.


Use the "CONTACT US" tab above and send us a quick note, question or comment.  We would love to hear from you and your comments are always welcome.


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